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Pill Glide Helps Children Take Their Tablets and Capsules, Making Life Easier for Mom and Dad, Too

Pill Glide, the newest product from FLAVORx, solves a universal problem nearly all parents face: how to get their children to swallow the pills, tablets and capsules they need to stay healthy. Parents are singing the praises of this new product because it helps their children and makes their lives less stressful.

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) July 27, 2009 - Most parents aren't taught how to give medicine to their children. One day, mom is giving her daughter Amoxicillin liquid with an oral syringe. A few months later, she's somehow got to convince her to swallow the same medicine in a tablet form. It's rarely a smooth transition. Children easily gulp down large bites of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and mouthfuls of fruits and veggies without even thinking about it. But, when it comes to swallowing those tiny little tablets kids need to stay healthy, forget about it. To a child, they might as well be horse pills. Now, with Pill Glide, there's a way to make taking tablets and capsules fast, easy, and even a bit fun for both children and their parents.

"My 9 year-old daughter could never swallow pills," says Maureen Spada of Boston, MA. "Each time we tried, she became anxious and upset. The very first time we tried Pill Glide she was able to swallow medication with no problem at all. We were delighted that it was so easy! Now, whenever she has to take a pill, we give her two sprays of Pill Glide and she swallows the medication easily, without any concern. I highly recommend Pill Glide to any parent whose child has difficulty taking medication." With Pill Glide, parents gain the confidence they need to teach their kids how to take tablets and capsules with ease. And, children quickly overcome their fears of swallowing pills.

Pill Glide is a water-based liquid that is sprayed directly into the mouth prior to taking pills. The spray coats the tongue and back of the mouth, helping pills, tablets and capsules easily slide down a child's throat. And, with five of the same trusted FLAVORx flavors pharmacists have been using for years to make liquid medication taste better, kids can choose a flavor they'll like. "We've been helping children take liquid medicine for more than 14 years," says Stuart R. Amos, President and CEO of FLAVORx. "In that span of time, we've been asked by countless mothers and fathers to do something about pills. I'm pleased to say we now have a solution for them. Pill Glide helps parents ease the transition between giving liquid medications and difficult to swallow tablets and capsules."

Pill Glide, created by a pharmacist, comes in five flavors that are all sugar-free, non-allergenic, and dye-free. FLAVORx chose five of its most popular flavors for Pill Glide-grape, bubblegum, strawberry, orange and peach. Each one-ounce bottle of Pill Glide contains approximately 300 sprays of flavored liquid. On average, a child needs two to three sprays of Pill Glide to adequately coat his tongue and throat. The simple spray action makes Pill Glide easy for both parents and their children to use. Pill Glide also works for anyone having difficulty taking vitamins and supplements, or people taking multiple tablets and capsules on a daily basis. Pill Glide is currently available nationwide through

About FLAVORx Inc.

FLAVORx has been helping children take their medicine since 1994. The FLAVORx Pediatric Flavoring System is available in nearly all chain pharmacies, including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and Rite Aid, and many local independent pharmacies-nearly 40,000 locations in all. Using FLAVORx's copyrighted flavoring recipes, pharmacists have safely flavored more than 30 million prescription and over-the-counter medications, making it easier for children to take their medicine and for parents to give it. Pill Glide expands FLAVORx's adherence-based offerings and continues the company's mission of improving lives and health related outcomes through higher medication adherence. For the latest company news, as well as information and tools related to medication adherence, follow FLAVORx on Facebook.

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