Pill Glide… Helping you help others

We understand the importance of making people’s lives easier.  As a caregiver, you do too.  In situations where a person’s health is concerned, struggling to administer medications causes enormous stress to both you and the person you’re taking care of.  You know you’re looking out for their best interest when you give them their daily regimen of pills.  Your father, mother, child or the person you’re charged with giving care to might not understand this.  Pill Glide can help.

We’ve designed Pill Glide to make the act of administering and taking tablets and capsules quick and easy.  Two to three sprays of Pill Glide in the mouth just before giving the pills, followed by a few sips of water, and the pills slide right down the throat.  Pill Glide is available in 5 flavors that appeal to both children and adults; bubblegum, grape, orange, peach and strawberry.  Each variation is sugar-free, dye-free and non-allergenic.  There are no active ingredients in Pill Glide and the spray bottles are 100% BPA-free.

With Pill Glide, the person you’re taking care of may actually look forward to taking their tablets and capsules every day.  And that would be a huge weight off your shoulders.

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