What is Pill Glide?
Pill Glide is a flavored spray that makes tablets and capsules slide down the throat easier.
Who uses Pill Glide?
People of all ages. Anyone who has the slightest difficulty or anxiety about swallowing tablets and capsules is a good candidate for a bottle of Pill Glide. Here are some groups that have found Pill Glide especially useful in their lives:
  • Children transitioning from liquid medications to tablets and capsules.  Pill Glide can be a fun tool for parents to use as a way to get their children accustomed to swallowing tablets and capsules.
  • People with specific medical conditions, or even treatments, that lead to swallowing disorders.  Pill Glide is one potential way to alleviate the stress come medication time.
  • People taking multiple medications daily.  Pill Glide is a welcome addition to the daily routine of taking all your tablets and capsules.
  • People taking medications, vitamins or supplements that have a bad taste or smell.
  • Caregivers.  Pill Glide can make it easier for you to administer tablets and capsules to your loved one.
How much flavored spray is in one bottle?
Each bottle of Pill Glide contains 1 ounce (30mL) of flavored spray. This is enough for 300 separate sprays from the bottle. Most people get by with 2-3 sprays per tablet or capsule, so you're looking at one bottle lasting for 100-150 uses, depending on how much you use per tablet or capsule.
What flavors of Pill Glide are there?
We currently offer Pill Glide in 5 flavors - Grape, Orange, Peach, Strawberry, and Bubblegum
Where is Pill Glide available?
Please visit our Products page for current availability.
Does Pill Glide contain any oils?
No. Pill Glide is an aqueous (water) based lubricating spray. It does not contain oils that may affect the way pills, tablets and capsules are absorbed in your system.
What if I don't have a problem swallowing?
Because of the great taste and good mouth feel, a lot of people have told us Pill Glide works well as a mouth freshener.
Who is FLAVORx?
FLAVORx is a company dedicated to improving peoples lives by helping them take their medicine.  We've been in business since 1994.  For over 14 years, our focus has been on improving the taste and smell of liquid medications - mostly pediatric related - so children wouldn't have a such a hard time swallowing their medicine.  To achieve this, we provide medication flavoring systems to pharmacies large and small (CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target and Rite Aid to name a few, along with your local independent pharmacy - close to 35,000 in all) who in turn, flavor the medication. 

To date, our participating pharmacy partners have flavored over 30,000,000 times.  As experts in the field of medicinal compliance (that's medical speak for "how well people take their medicine") we're now proud to offer Pill Glide, a product designed to help anyone take the tablets, capsules, vitamins & supplements they need.
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