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FLAVORx Appears on ABC's Hit Show 'Shark Tank' Alongside Ava the Elephant

October 15, 2009

On Tuesday, October 13, ABC's primetime reality show, 'Shark Tank', caught up with Tiffany Krumins, inventor of Ava the Elephant. In the follow-up segment, FLAVORx, a Columbia, MD based pharmaceutical company, was featured as a potential business partner for Krumins and Barbara Corcoran, her 'Shark Tank' investor.

FLAVORx Helps Families Fight Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus By Making Antiviral Medicine Taste Better

September 17, 2009

With the popular FLAVORx flavoring system for liquid medications, pharmacists are prepared to help children successfully take antiviral medications to fight the H1N1 and seasonal flu viruses. By improving the taste of these medications, including TamifluĀ®, children are more likely to take their medicine as prescribed.

Pill Glide Helps Children Take Their Tablets and Capsules, Making Life Easier for Mom and Dad, Too

July 27, 2009

Pill Glide, the newest product from FLAVORx, solves a universal problem nearly all parents face: how to get their children to swallow the pills, tablets and capsules they need to stay healthy. Parents are singing the praises of this new product because it helps their children and makes their lives less stressful.

New Product from FLAVORx Makes Pills, Tablets and Capsules Easier to Swallow

June 1, 2009

Millions of people around the world have difficulty swallowing their medications, vitamins and health supplements. Pill Glide, the newest health care product from FLAVORx, addresses this problem by helping people swallow the tablets and capsules they so often struggle to take.

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