Altus, OK
"I cannot swallow Tylenol without your help."
Justin Wilson
Midwest City, OK
"We have just started dispensing this product to patients in my pharmacy. The feedback has been very good, particularly from parents of small children. One grandmother said that her child was actually looking forward to taking her medicine now."
Linda Sharp
Corcoran, CA
"I have difficulty swallowing pills and avoid taking them when possible. Before Pill Glide I would cut my pills into little pieces to help with getting them down. Pill Glide has allowed me to simply place the pill in my hand, squirt some Pill Glide and swallow quickly and easily with water. I highly recommend this product for anyone that suffers when trying to swallow a pill.”
Tim Burger
Allison Park, PA
“Although I do not have difficulty taking pills, using Pill Glide made taking my large vitamin tablet very easy - this pill seems to virtually disappear without much of a conscious effort to swallow it. The taste of the product (both Orange and Peach) is very pleasant and leaves a brief but nice aftertaste. I can see where this product will be an excellent health aide to individuals that have difficulty in taking oral medications.”
Ted Herget
Baltimore, MD
Pill Glide saved my life! As a throat cancer patient it became impossible to take any pills after my surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The gagging and vomiting would leave me exhausted until I found Pill Glide. Now I spray Pill Glide into my mouth, take a glass of water and I am able to swallow up to 6 pills at the same time. It's changed my life.....I recommend it to everyone that I know that has a problem swallowing pills.
Maureen Spada
Boston, MA
“My 9 year old daughter could never swallow pills. Each time we tried, she became anxious and upset. The very first time we tried pill glide she was able to swallow medication with no problem at all. We were delighted that it was so easy! Now, whenever she has to take a pill, we give her two spays of pill glide and she swallows medication easily, without any concern. I highly recommend pill glide to any parent whose child has difficulty taking medication.”
Joy McLeod
Renfrewshire, Scotland
Thank you so much for the Pill Glide! From someone who has terrible trouble swallowing a tablet with a glass of water, this is FANTASTIC. I tried it on a large pill and swallowed with NO difficulty at all and no glass of liquid was needed. It is remarkable how easy it is to use and I am sure it will be a huge success with very many people who are like me. In fact, I am only sorry it was not available last summer when my father couldn't cope with his medication no matter how small the pills were. I look forward to being able to buy it from the chemist in the very near future.”
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